Cobie Smulders portrait (likeness study)

hi guys…

Just finished my new work, originally done for a likeness challenge
blender 2.65 (r54603) textured with bprojection painting and render in cycles

sculpt detail & material view

3d view

actually I’m still not quite satisfied with this and spot some area needs some extra work, but I’m all worn out, so I think this is it for now.
thanks for watching guys… :slight_smile:

Good job. She looks very similar to the reference. What are the meshes inside her arm? for Do those have something to do with muscle deformation?

Brilliant work :smiley:

thanks. it is quite similar, but in my opinion still not the same person… maybe I should’ve pick someone else with really unique facial feature :smiley:
LOL… you spot that mesh… :smiley: that’s have nothing to do with muscle deformation, It’s just a mesh I placed there to block extra scattering on her skin, because I use a rather strong back light to make that backlite effect on her hair looks natural. I also put a skull shaped mesh inside her head :smiley:

@nathan : glad that you like it… :smiley:

If you take your render into photoshop/gimp we… and put it on top of the photo at 50 opacity you will see all the proportional changes you need to make. As far as the render quality I think the eyebrows can use some variety in hair and the lips shouldnt change so sharply from the skin.

Youre 90% there.

And look closer at the eye. What you think the shape of the eye is and what it actually is are different. Damn makeup.

very Nice :slight_smile:

WHOOOOAAAAA THE SKIN MATERIAL LOOKS AWESOME… Mind to give the nodes? One suggestion: the displacement, I think the value is too extreme. I can see that from her armpit. Or is it just my feeling?

@astapov: actually I think I’m not anywhere near 90%… :smiley:
about the eye shape… actually i started modeling this using another set of references, but I’m not quite happy because the face didn’t say anything… maybe I’ll take your advise and give it another tweak in few days to come…

anyway this is my previous wipshot before i decided re-sculpt her to add facial expression

@erickblender: thanks… :smiley:

here is the skin nodes:

Awesome work,

I especially loved her facial expressions from How I Met Your Mother - S03E16 (Sandcastles in the Sand)

Great efforts and skills, but I am unable to comprehend why a simple photo would do worse than a 3d render. So what is the purpose of the excercise?

The hair looks kid of shabby and disheveled. But nice modeling!

@paulmarx : no one said that a photo is worse than a render, but in film industry the use of digital double in scenes that no way a real actor can act is common practice i think… so IMHO this kind of exercise is not all pointless…

@heart288 : yeah i need to work more on the hair… I need to watch that long hair tutorial by kent trammell :smiley:

I like your reference, beautiful girl. :slight_smile:

@meelis : yea, she has a nice smile… now you make me even more unsatisfied with this piece…
guess I have to re-do this (again)…

@alinB : yes she is…

Nice! I like the way you make the wrinkles appear when she smiles!

@josmicblend: thanks… :smiley: