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As a replacement to the Community Guide To Bledner, I have started coblei, a Center Of BLEnder Information. It is basically the same thing with a few more things. Instead of only documenting the official Blender, I want to document every version that there will be. There will be a main manual for learning Bledner in general, and appendices for every other version.

You can

For those of you that can’t compile Bledner but can’t -myself included, help is hopefully on the way. For all of you who have compiled it:
If you could write a short, simple document on how to compile it, I offer to host it and format it. And of course I will link to your site of you have one.

Again, the URL for the site is
If you would like to help write the compiling document, please tell me either here, or email me at [email protected]

Oh, by the way, be sure to check out the new forum on the site!


Derek Mounce
[email protected]


(adyus) #2

you, my friend, are a life-saver. it’s a great thing you’re doing, and if I wasn’t a noob in Blender (see my works in the Finished section :frowning: ), I’d have liked to help with anything. Now, I know I’m asking much, but does it take so long to compile that nobody can share their version except for cash? Is the compiled file so big that it can’t be hosted? I understand and appreciate the help you give us in publishing the compiling tutorial, but I think some of us (probably only me :wink: )would like a compiled version available for download.

(mrmunkily) #3

the compiled version dosen’t work correctly yet. Technically people could sell you the binary (w/source of course) but no one has a good enough version yet, and as far as I know no windows compile has been successful yet.

Wait till we can properly communicate development information to each other. it’s far too disorganized without a central hub at this point. will solve all.

keep the faith