coca cans and lighting

these are some cans i made and did a bit of work on. since im a newbie its not the best, but im happy with it. C&C appreciated


Can you post your lighting set up?

nice reflection, did you use Spin’s UV tut for the cans?

btw, whoa! Another Tasmanian! Whereabouts in Tas are you from?

the cans are really small :D.

It looks like it was photographed in a back-lit reflective translusent plastic box. This would be hard to set up, needing a well equipped photography studio. You are aiming for photoreallist CGI impersonating photography at it’s least real.

Nothing wrong with that - I just find these things interesting!

thanx for the comments guys. The lighting actually wasnt that hard, infact very easy. i just put he background totally white and left the normla lamp were it is always default(probably not a good way to do it but it works.) the reflection was easy too, i just added raymirror, ref, and a tiny bit of transluctancy. ill get a sreenshot later:D

oh and i didnt use any tuts. just made it.

Hey fattmatt,

Zoom in a bit with the camera and gimmie some detail shots.

Not bad for a noob. haha.

Hows things all going in herrick??


Big Bro:)