Coca-Cola Bottle

Here’s a Coca-Cola bottle I made, total work time 2-3 hours, render time 30min.

CC is welcome, but I didn’t really spend a lot of time on it, and it’s not really a big project. Just a response to something my graphic design teacher said. . .

EDIT: You can find a higher quality picture, and download it here.


awesome glass material. is that yafray or blender internal?

It’s Yafray and I used this glass material, so I can’t take credit for it.

EDIT: Actually, I think I did tweak it a little, so it’s not entirely his/hers.

Nice! Try to move your camera a little further away from the bottle and increase the lens value of the camera, coz now it looks like the top of the bottle and the bottom are in the different platitudes. Also try to hide the edges of the plane around the bottle

How do I increase the lens value of the camera? Sorry, i’m kinda new to Blender.

First select your camera. Then press F9 on your keyboard, that will bring you to Editing area.
You will see 2 options and one of them will be called << Camera>>
Right below it you will see the place where you can change your cameras lens value (its usually 35 by default) . So now you move you camera further away from the bottle and increase the lens value , that will bring your camera’s view closer towards the bottle without giving you that perspective changes (just like you zoon in any video or photo camera - you see an object closer without actually walking towards it)

Hope that will help :).