Coca Cola bottle

Coca Cola bottle
Cycles, 500 samples
Hope you like it:3

Full resolution:

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Great job! :smiley:

Now I’m thirsty!!

excellent job. Perhaps some work on the condensation. It looks a little flat, and some of the “drips” seem to curve inwards rather than like a drip would.

My 5 cents, to add to what place57 already mentioned:

The boundary where Coke ‘touches’ bottle glass: there is this thing in nature called surface tension. Described simply: you just don’t get sharp transition from liquid to glass. Liquid would tend to ‘climb’ edges of a bottle, creating a soft bevel.

And the cap. I cannot name it (damn this language barrier!) but it almost looks like it has no depth in those indentations, like you’ve applied normal map. But this may well be only my perception.

Overall, it looks awesome, almost like a commercial poster!

Thanks everybody:3
I agree with the condense, the water surface tension and the droplets, there is room for improvement. The indentations on the cap is actually modeled:p I don’t think ill post a new image with the improvements, but thanks for the feedback:)

How did you do the liquid within the bottle? I’m modelling a coke bottle too, and every time I try to do liquids inside glass, the materials render strangely. Wondering if you could tell me. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Something I love asking, How long did this take you from start to finish? It is very impressive!

Wow nice and looks like a profesional advertisement. Just maybe change the background

it would be possible for you to share this project file

I’ve seen coke models created, but have not seen pop bottle creations. they stopped selling pop bottles in my area back in the 90’s, during the plastic change.