Coca Cola Bottle

How to create water drops on the surface of the bottle? I activated the particle with zero gravity but still the particles fly off from the surface.

Whereas I want the particle to stick to the surface to which then I would map water globules with randomise size

So far I have rendered this. Image rendered with LuxRender


Observe that a frosted bottle has not only water drops on it but also very fine grain of water, which is more like a layer

If we attempt to generate that with particle system, the setting of number of particles would be insanely high.

So finer particles, probably a translucent material with displacement texture of noise could be used. Just a thought


You could either start and end the emitter particle sytem at a single frame, or make it a hair sytem and use an object or a group of slightly different droplet objects. Or you could try a fluid sim and splash a bunch of water on it.