Coca Cola Bottle

Modelled this very quickly and then used LuxRender 1.2 for rendering.


Wow! This is awesome. Posting to my wall.

Can you achive the same result with cycles?

Good and realistic look.
But you should pay attention to the cap of the bottle. It seems to be, too good.
Go and buy a glass bottle of coke and just look at the cap for a moment. It is not symmetrical, it is very flawed, hooks are longer and shorter, the closing is not perfect it is bit to the side… Etc.

You could have done imperfect cap and it would look much better now it breaks the realism. When you look at whole picture.

SinsterGehe - Yes, you are right. More realistic things could have been achieved. But I was tired. More than modelling, rendering drained me. I will work on your suggestions :slight_smile:

3Delight - I don’t know if Cycles can achieve this because I used absorption depth in LuxRender, which changes colour on the basis of depth. You can see as the bottle shape changes, the colour changes because of absorption value. Also LuxRender is unbiased renderer, which Cycles isn’t. Glass and Liquid effects are realistic in LuxRender more than that in Cycles.

Try the new LuxRender, which is very good


Just wondering as I see some nice refraction on the base but the walls don’t feel right somehow, is there thickness to the walls too, if so perhaps the IOR needs checking.
Thanks for demoing the renderer.

Walls of bottle do have thickness. If you check the actual bottle, there also you would find something similar

if you look here you will see what I mean I think :slight_smile:

The coke liquid is reflected in the glass at the edge but not touching it, hard to explain.

The edge is turning out to be darker, which isn’t that much in my case because of Studio Lighting

Edge blackness can happen if the actual glass is thicker or IOR is more.

But that is when without Studio Light. In Studio light that wouldn’t work because light has been hit from all the direction.

Your point is good one though. You are right that technically under normal scenario, the edge from viewpoint should be darker than the rest of the glass, because refraction

Coke Bottles have slight greenish light absorption, you should look at this tutorial:

And the glass of your bottle has no thickness except for the bottom…


Bottom thickness is 4 times of the thickness across other place. That’s why :slight_smile: And in LuxRender, you can’t render Glass/Liquid properly if you don’t give thickness.

Maybe greenish. I used brownish colour, which I change to greenish, it would show greenish at the edges. I would have to increase the IOR for the effect you are wanting. I will see if I can increase IOR and re-render :slight_smile:

thanks for feedback guys

Great job! But why so many efforts if a simple photo could do the same or even better? Sorry, I am new but unable to comprehend.

I was in a museum once and looking down a passageway, saw a 5’ x 5’ photograph of a wrecked car in a junkyard. I remember thinking to myself, "why would anyone consider that art?’ Later I had moved along from room to room until I found myself standing in front of that photograph. It turned out that it wasn’t a photograph at all, the artist had hand painted every single pixel and the painting took on an amazing transformation from a simple photo to one of the greatest paintings I have ever seen.

A photograph is a photograph but art is the effort and dedication that the artist puts into it, not just the finished product.

I think that is achievable using hdri images in cycles. Its hard to explain the edges you talking of, but the I ages gives me an idea. I assume the photo you attached is a real photo and its easy to Notice that the source of light is from different angles. With hdri, I think that’s possible in cycles

Nice Render…But why Coca Cola!!!