Coca Cola Scene Realtime

Hi, blender useres

I have here my rich scene with a big node tree for the GE (material nodes)

My Prob is that I see the correct final result in the normal 3d view but not in the GE
need some advanced help :slight_smile:

here the blend file

Compositing nodes don’t affect the game engine rendering.

I know rookie :no: , I talk about the material node! watch at the blend file …

this is completly realtime!

Completely misread what you said. Sooo material nodes… a blend file would be better than a broken link :slight_smile:

oh wait a moment
edit it works now
press p then watch at the problem => material nodes ( I think it has something to do with my alpha trees)

Alpha stuff is problematic in the game engine so there’s no easy way to solve this. Perhaps the same end effect can be done some other way?

knew this, hm not a big help