Cocktail Bar


currenctly I’m learning Blender and I want to show you one of my scenes I’m working on right now. I would be happy about some feedback :slight_smile:

Hey there! Very good in terms of realism: materials and light look nice.
I think you could improve the image by changing the camera position/composition. The glass is in focus so the eye is drawn to it but it’s too small in the image to appreciate its details. The rest of the image is blurred out and there isn’t much to keep your attention.
So my suggestion is to figure out what you really want to show in your image and feature it prominently. You could zoom in on the glass so it really becomes the subject or place many different bottles in the background which would create a more clear “bar” atmosphere (or whatever cool idea you come up with).

Hope this makes sense. I’ll look forward to the next updates.

Hey there,

thanks for the feedback ToshiCG.
I didn’t change the current camera position, but I reduced the bokeh effect/depth of field to have a bigger range of focus in the background. To make the background more interessting I added color to the bottles with the randome output of the object info, but it only randomize the rows not the columns of the nested array modifiers. Is that normal or is there a modifiert stack option? Also I thougt that a water tap would increase the realism.

My next targets will be adding a towel, some fruits in the big glass in the background and fingerprints on the important surfaces.

Hey there,

thanks for the feedback Toshi :slight_smile:

I didn’t change the camera position or angle in the new version, but I reduced the depth of field strength to get a bigger focus range in the backround.

To get the background more interessting I’ve added color to the bottles, a ledge to the ceiling and also a water tap.