hi guys,

here is another project i did the last few weeks.
the frog has a basic rig, to place it on the glas.

everything was done in blender and rendered with cycles, except some color correction on PS.

I really love that frog here :slight_smile: It must be in every mohito!

That’s looking excellent! Very realistic shaders. I don’t know what this is for but as it is there isn’t much you can be critical about :slight_smile:

The cocktail itself is perfect, as are the stray ice cubes. The umbrella doesn’t quite look convincing, and it took me a minute to figure out why. I think it’s the lack of shadow underneath it.

The frog is great, but would be even better if the eyes had some life in them. He looks a bit like a frozen frog at the moment. He looks like he’s one of the local (Australian) tree frogs, and I’m used to seeing their eyes. :slight_smile:

(Incidentally, I really like frogs)

Its seems quite outstanding! Top 5 star from me;)

well done!

thanks for your comments!

here is another render with my frog:

Amazing work dude! The frog is so real! How did you made it? Share your secret :wink:

The beverage drink is absolutely wonderful, it makes me feel thirsty just looking at it. And yes, that frog looks so believable! Awesome, outstanding work, Manuel. You’re really cranking out some great stuff!

Como hiciste las gotas sobre la hoja, están increíbles!!

thank you guys!

there is nothing Special about the frog. i painted the texture onto the frog in texture paint mode (only with procedural textures) and
shaded it with a diffuse, glossy, subsurface scattering shader mix. the lighting is a HDR Sphere and one sun lamp.