Cocoa the book keeper

Image render

interactive Speed Modeling Video:


Hi all did some adjustments on the Cocoa render that were suggested by some blender artists.:yes:
Concept image is by meago. The download link is at the youtube video descrition. for those intrested to check out the real model. or you can check it on sketchfab :slight_smile:

// Sketchfab priview

old render.

Hi, I think the first render that appear on your video looks much more interesting, since have more cool shadows I think.
also is great all effort that you put on your videos!

I think you need made a version mesh for put hair on your sketch fab version, because I think could be improve much the presentation on your sketch fab.

greetings and good luck!

Hi.:cool: the background didn’t quite match up with the book keeper theme :no:. And for the sketchfab priview the hair mesh is a bit tedious to model.:rolleyes:. and thanks i do like to make my vids more interesting . :slight_smile:

well, my point is not much about the background on the first image on your video, is more about the shadows and subtle contrast that you reach on that result, I think if you give that style on your scenary your scene could be looks more interesting!

And for the sketchfab priview the hair mesh is a bit tedious to model

yes I know could be tedius, but is a worthwhile effort.

greetings and much positive energy!:yes:

cool :stuck_out_tongue: did some adjustments on the background