Coconut Cream Material


(newsoft ) #1

Hi to every one
how can i get this material ? ( coconut cream )

(moony) #2

Micro displacement plus a fairly simple sub surface scattering would probably do it.

(newsoft ) #3

i tested all but need a example with nodes.

(AllanGange) #4

Hi newsoftco, I had a quick go at the coconut cream texture and this is what I got. The best thing is to start with a plane and subdivide it - the more subdivisions the smaller the coconut spikey bits.Then use randomize to get the effect you want. As for the nodes - as moony said it’s pretty much just subsurface scattering - the colour should be off white, and then adjut the roughness to get the result you want. I hope this helps

(newsoft ) #5

finally i had to used texture for that part :sweat_smile:

(Addidi) #6

I like those, they are delicious… A scale problem may be noticeable with your texture, in my opinion

(AllanGange) #7

Looks really good ! The chocolate looks great too