Cocotteminute - Gobelins


I just found this funny short by some students of the famous Gobelins l’école de l’image in Paris. Most interesting for all those into animation and filmmaking is the Making of section whith short views on planning, character design, set design, previz, modeling, texturing and of course rendering and compositing. Pretty interesting I must say.


Nice find, thx for posting :slight_smile:

Well, If someone is interested in sucessfully making a movie with Blender, here is the secret. Well defined, original pre production work, artistic skills and a plan.

That’s a cool movie, short but really nicely done as well the cool animations and stuff. Pretty funny how that chicken runs his ass of in front of a chicken who’s headless. :slight_smile:

hey, is this a blender movie??

When you look at the making ofs you can see that they´re using mya for the 3d part. But it´s cool to see that many of the used techniques already exist within blender.

ok but this was on finished projects :slight_smile:

endi: eehem?..what? I posted under news&discussion as I guess this is the best place to post stuff like that.