Code syntax highlighting


I’ve been browsing the BGE forums quite a bit, and one thing that bothers me is that although lot of scripts are passed around, the display is awful.

I was wondering if there were options to highlight bits of code, and if not why not considering adding this kind of functionnality ? After a quick search I found this “mod”.

The BA forums have been up for so long now (years !), and it would kind of surprise me to not have such functionnality :slight_smile:

It would really help in Python related forums !

I agree that syntax highlighting is extremely helpful (in all cases). As to why we don’t have that mod installed… all I can say is that no one’s ever requested it. :slight_smile:

May I request it ? :slight_smile:

Edit: although I have no idea how the CMS running BA works, I guessed it was vBulletin, and when briefly looking for a way to add it to the forums, I ended there: Hope it helps !

Hi, just checking about this request: is it on the tracks or is it not possible ?

I’m sure it’s possible, just not necessarily a high priority at the moment. I’ll ask about it.

Thank you !

dont forget to ask for code tags icon in quick reply either :wink:

I’m back ! Just taking news.

Because, I know things are happening and stuff, but how come a little feature like this is not looked at ?
Are you heavily working on the forums to the point where this is truly not a priority ?

Anyway, do what you have to :slight_smile:

I checked around. Because of the version of vBulletin that we’re running, it turns out that it’s not as small a task as I’d initially thought it would be.

Ok ! Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:
I think the way around is to host code either on gist.github or :stuck_out_tongue: