codec support for linux

(a_llewellyn) #1

There appears to be no codec support for the linux distro of publisher 2.25. This is unfortunate as you can get the divx codec for linux making life much easier for web delivery and speed. Is there anyone working on including this support?

(Timonides) #2

What do you mean by saying there’s no codec support for linux in Blender 2.25???

The linux version has the same codec support as all the other’s versions (windows, Mac… etc.)

Can you be more specific???


(malefico) #3

I think he’s referring to the lack of a “codec” option in the Render buttons. In the windows version you can choose the compression codec for your AVI right from the render buttons while in linux you can’t. :frowning:
(I think it’s in the documentation somewhere)

Anyway, there are lots of good encoders for linux (try mencoder, it comes with mplayer).

One more thing the AVI JPG format just doesn’t work in my publisher (it renders just a RAW AVI)


(Timonides) #4

That’s strange because the AVI JPG format works on mine… What program do you use to watch the produced files??? (BTW what’s your distro???)