Codec troubles

IM BACK! as if you didn’t notice…

Off to a bad start as usual, huh? Right then. A problem - I managed to mess up every single video codec on my machine - after countless attempts at installing several other codec packs, I’ve ended up with everything except DivX working properly. Which is kind of a bummer. I ask you - is there a way to unistall all codecs and then freshly install an up-to-date codec pack?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

On a sidenote, has anyone here ever had medical laser treatment? I’ve got an appointment tomorrow at 10:30 and I’ve no idea what to expect.

BTW I’m working on a Blender scene as sexy and mindblowing as hell and I’ll soon become God of all universe. That hot sun really got to me this summer…

Which OS?

If windows I strongly recommend Media Player Classic, with real player alternative and quicktime alt.

Seems to play everthing I throw at it.

Expect Goldfinger and an industrial cutting laser, with possible help from Oddjob :o


You could use MPlayer. I used to use quicktime for divx stuff but I got fed up with installing different codecs that I just use mplayer that has all them built in. I think it does realplayer now too. It’ll play pretty much any video you throw at it.

As for laser treatment I hear they slice open your eyeballs while you’re still awake and burn away thin layers of tissue so you see the smoke and then you can’t see right for a whole day Yeah, good luck with that :smiley:

Na, it should go fine. I’ve seen it happen live on TV. It looks worse as a 3rd party. I hate things going near my eyes. But they use computers with autotracking mechanisms so they get the right spot.

I don’t want to put you off but you should be aware of the risks:

You are talking about laser eye stuff? If it’s just lasers for zapping something inside you, I wouldn’t worry too much. That stuff’s pretty safe I think.

Well I’ve been using Media Player, but I downloaded a video and it was encoded with the newest XviD codec, which it wouldn’t play. Since the auto-download-right-codec-from-M$ feature never works, I installed another codec pack in addition to the one I already had and then nothing worked. I uninstalled one, reinstalled another one and now everything but DivX works. I think Media Player gets its codecs from some /windows directory and it looks like I managed to erase/modify/screw up some files…

As for the laser thing, no, my eyes are fine :smiley: but my elbow joint is injured (tennis + biking) and I have to put up with a 60-year-old woman poking me with a laser-stick. I wouldn’t be surprised if she whooped out a scalpel though. :-? Wish me luck…

You really shouldn’t play tennis while riding a bike. :smiley:

I hate old nurses. I was in hospital a while back and they’re just pervy. The young hot nurses are really respectful but some of the old ones just want to strip you nekkid and rub you up. It’s disgusting. They think it’s funny of course. I remember some of the nurses in primary/elementary school in my nightmares.

Just make sure the nurse you get can see where she’s pokin’ the stick. That laser stick sounds kinda cool - I’m having visions of Yoda. Lightsabres would be so cool in surgery. They’d make amputations a breeze.

Anyway, good luck, I’m sure everything’ll be fine.


never install codec packs.

FDDshow is the best filter i know of but does not encode.

for encoding you should get the actuall codecs individually.