Coder for improve the Knife tool

Hello Coders!

I’m looking for someone to write an addon for better “knife” tool for blender 2.82+
Im happy to pay 50 USD to get this and coder can also release this addon on marketplaces or as free addon afterwards for other user if he likes.

Here the description:
In the moment you need 4 clicks to achieve a mesh cut with default knife tool ( in Edit mode):

  1. call the knife tool with (k)
  2. hover over the the first position for a cut on vertex or edge and click LMB
  3. hover over the the last position on vertex or edge and click LMB to generate cut
  4. confirm with Spacebar

What i’m looking for is to get addon that is able provide this behavior in Edit mode:
if no edge or vertex is selected:

  • hover with the mouse over the first position( edge or vertex) and press “hotkey”=
    tool is called and
    if hovering over edge, first vertex/cut point is created
    if hovering over vertex , this vertex get selected

  • hover with mouse over the last position (edge or vertex) and press same “hotkey” = cut is created and confirmed.

if already one vertex is selected ( tool takes this as first cut point):

  • hover with mouse over the last position on edge or vertex and press “hotkey” = cut is created and confirmed.


  • Hotkey should be assignable in addon config
  • If cutting over some edges ( cut cross the edges) the cut line create connection points on this edges. Exact like the default knife tool it does.
  • after cutting action, the last vertex( cut point) need to stay selected to be able to proceed with another cut on the wish.
  • payment via paypal

Feel free to ask if something is not very clear. If somebody takes this job, im happy also to send screenshots to explain better every detail if something is not very clear.

PS: I added a download link with screenshots( jpg) to show the requested tool in detail


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