Coder/Scripter to create tool bar

Hi everyone,
I need someone to write a python script to create a quite simple tool bar.
This tool bar simplifies Blender GUI’s so a client can control Blender without knowing any 3D. They own a product and they want to get renders of what their product would look like with different labels on top.

It would be something like:

Load set 01
Load set 02 etc

Select camera view 01 view 02 view 03 etc

Object color
(color wheel)

Reload texture
(so they try different labels on their product)

Select resolution


Ideally they load a Blender with only one screen layout which is just the 3D viewport with this toolbar on the side and therefore they don’t have a chance to mess up with anything.

Of course this is paid work :slight_smile:

C’mon it’s an afternoon kind of work and pay is $200-$300

I’m interested! Give me the details

By loading sets you mean models?

If a customized Blender installation is ok, it would be pretty simple to remove all unnecessary stuff from screen.

Here’s a snapshot of a working protoype

I need you to elaborate on the texture loading feature. It’s the only thing missing in the prototype.

This is close enough to what they need to render on regular basis.
All they need is a toolbar that has a button to refresh the texture (label), then a color wheel to change bottle color, and also some other options to change camera angles, bottle type etc.

Yes it can be a customised blender for certain operating system.

I’m not sure what you mean by “Refresh the texture label”. Once loaded, image textures only need refreshing when the source file has changed.

I originally sent this as a PM, but I’m not sure if you even got it, so

If changing labels is what you mean, the addon is finished then. Here’s an overview of how it works

First, you put the different bottle shapes on different layers. One bottle per layer, meaning you can have a total of 20 bottles per scene. Items that need not change (eg. wine glass, floor) should be placed on all layers.

Select each bottle and check the “Product Bool” option in the Product Setup panel, so that the addon knows which objects to affect by the color settings.
Note: the color settings only affect the first material in the list of materials. This material can have multiple “Label” textures. The switching of labels works by enabling/disabling these textures.
Next, add and position as many cameras as you like. The cameras can be placed on any/every layer.

When everything is done, set the value for “Product Count”, and click “Setup Products Panel” and hit Num0 on your num pad to go into camera view. That’s all!
The client can then use the Products panel to navigate and to render.

I’ll include a sample .blend file in the package
Let me know what you think of it. Does it cover your needs?

Sorry it’s easter break, will reply to everyone tomorrow :slight_smile: