Coding for Sound in BGE (Needed)

Hey Guys ah, iam not so good at Coding with python
i just want to know is Coding really necessary for Sound
in the BGE, as you know iam not a professional coder iam
Usually under the Game Engine section.iam working on a
Game project and for now i would just Like to find out if
Coding is necessary for the sound in the Game Engine.

Because iam working on a scene in my game where the
Actors communicate and so i just want to know how does
it work. For Example: Char 1 says something… And Char 2
Replies to what char 1 said and so how to Create a Dialogue
Between 2-3 characters in a sequence scene after scene
Properly. With No Bugs or sound Delays.

So basically the question is is Logic bricks more appropiate
Or is Coding Required. Ohh and i dont mind gettin in to coding
Because i prefer python over C++.

hey, there is a lot on youtube about this:

I’m pretty sure there should be a video bringing you far enough to tackle this problem.