Coding Python is soo easy now!

Hi there,

I wrote an xml file for Nodepad ++ This xml file contains every Blender 2.5 Python API modules. There are totally 7687 code in it. You can easily autocomplete them. I’m going to update this xml file until the stable version.

Here are the modules contained:

Application Modules

* Data Access (</b> <b>
* Operators (bpy.ops)
* Types (bpy.types)
* Utilities (bpy.utils)
* Application Data (
* Property Definitions (bpy.props)

Standalone Modules

* Math Types & Utilities (mathutils)</b> <b>
* Font Drawing (blf)

Game Engine Modules

* Game Engine bge.types Module</b> <b>
* Game Engine bge.logic Module
* Game Engine bge.render Module
* Game Engine module</b>

What you need to do:

1- Install notepad ++ . Click here to download.

2- From Program Files, open Notepad++ > plugins > APIs folder.

3- Dowload python.xml file and copy it this folder and replace the original one.

Click here to download the xml file.

4- Open nodepad++, change language to Python and create perfect Python scripts with the help of autocomplete function. (Ctrl Spacebar)

5- Linux users can install this text editor with wine. Click here to download wine.

Here are some screenshots.

that might help to work in 2.5

where wouldb e that plugin folder ?

cannot find it on windows!

thanks for sharing

Install notepad++

Go to C:\Program Files\Notepad++\plugins\APIs folder. Your disk name could be different. (D:, E:\ etc.)

Awesome, thank you :smiley:

thanks i found this folder

now don’t know if there are moer then one motepad++

but in which mnu do you change this language?
i got vie and settings but don’t see this language in there
or should i de install and re install your vesion ?


language is F12 under view menu and is more like system scheme then language and it was already set to python

now how do you activate this autocomplete?

i mean i tried the Ctrl Spacebar

but don’t see any autocomplete or menu box showing the different choice!

any suggestions on how to start this and use it ?

i do have scheme set to python
may be other settings needed too ?



Try the latest version first. Change language. If you open a py file, it automatically detect the language.

Click on any line then press Ctrl Spacebar. It should appear a combo box.

I exactly don’t know what your problem is. Try to uninstall older notepad++ versions and reinstall it.

sorry i did not have the latest version!

i had version 5.66 so i re install version 5.7

now i loaded the new xml page in plugin for notepad ++

but when i start notepad++

it is set to see python coding in color

but i don’t get the same top header you have !

i have only the second line
not the first one with word like language

how do you make the first line appear ?

and then i tried with this new version to get the autocomplete Ctrl Spacebar but get nothing!
might be missing a setting here !

any suggestions!

Thanks and happy 2.5

Press F10 key to unhide menu bar.

Go to settings > preferences > General. In Menu Bar tab disable Hide.

Make sure you select the required components when installing.

ok i re install it completely
copied the xml file to notepade++

beginning to work now with Ctrl Space

i tried the example for the bpy.op.mes

but don’t get the right menu selection !

it’s almost like it does not see your new xml file

is there another setting to select different plugin may be ?

i saw an plugin import !
should i used this to install new xml page ?


Whow, a reason to use notepad++.
thanks …
I had an ‘old’ version, but 5.7 looks very much better :wink:


You’re right. Notepad++ is an open source text editor and has very robust and useful tools.


I really don’t understand what your problem is. I think this is not a plugin problem.Try to change some settings, reinstall it again, briefly, do trial and error method…


You’re welcome everyone who likes it. I’m going to add it some functional examples (location=, delta= etc.)

Forever Blender! :yes:

very awesome! WOW! this should make life a whole lot easier

Notepad ++ is the sickest [email protected]#ing text editor ever. I’ve been using it for a couple of years now.
Your autocomplete xml trick for blender is just freaking amazing!!! I can’t wait until the Python API is finalized! Thanks for your time and hard work. Thanks.

so… i was looking at another post here and it mentions for example the decimater modifier…
original post here :

i was hoping this notepad++ would act like intellisense in additional autocomplete
for example :

when typing


that the autocomplete already suggests ratio / realtime

you know? just wondering… either way i’ll be using notepad++ again now this xml is available :slight_smile: thank you


Notepad++ already has an intellisense feature.

Go to Preferenses >Back up/Auto-completion and Enable auto-completion on each input.

Btw, I changed some code listing and added new things.


superb! yep, the auto suggesting works a treat. this certainly replaces Python IDLE

Thank you “Demohero”
Its working great.

can we use that file for an other editor ? i’m using Gedit under linux wich is a good soft for programming