Coding Python is soo easy now!

hope that one day, the word completion will come “into” blender text editor ! for the best !

Thank you, its really appreciated.

Thank you Demohero…this is awesome…!

This doesn’t work properly for me. Here’s what I get when I try the examples in the OP (“impor” doesn’t give anything at all):

It’s nothing like as useful. :frowning:


I know this is not a perfect solution for auto-completion, but you can easily edit this *.xml file. Open it with a text editor, and change or add new structures…

I have small suggestion

Read about “Predefined Completions” in PyDEV

Predefined completions are completions acquired from sources that provide only the interfaces for a given Python module (with Python 3.0 syntax).
A predefined completion module may be created by having a module with the extension “.pypredef” with regular Python 3.0 contents, but with attributes having assigns to its type and methods having as the body a sole return statement – and the docstring may have anything.

To create “.pypredef” files we need use code from

notepad++ is very good but eclipse is the best
and can debug python in blender

Er, surely I should be getting the same results as in the screenshots you posted? If I have to hand-edit the file something is going wrong.

a question, with notepad++ you can send de script to blender?, in other words you can execute de script in blender from notepad?

Very useful, simple and ingenious!

I know I’m resurrecting an old thread, but I think this is the best place for my question…

This is a great idea since bge has no auto-complete within Blender itself.

Does anyone know if there is an updated .xml file that includes the api changes for 2.6? Or perhaps if there is another coding ui that has auto-complete for the latest version of bge?

What method did you use to “gather” all the words? Is it from somewhere in the blender source, or from the python reference? Could you perhaps briefly describe the process so to help others who might like to apply this to [WHICHEVER TEXT EDITOR]?

I will soon prepare an xml file for 2.62 for the latest notepad++ version (portable and normal) and also for scite / scintilla

It’s possible to debug the python code written in Notepad++ ?? or you can only write the code??

Nice! Yes, having this in blender is perfect!