Coding videos - new vid - Exporting in Codea

Other coding lessons in this pack include - - coding and puzzle solving. - coding and cutscenes. - virtual coder - while loops. - virtual coder - for loops. - virtual coder - function and function arguments.

Have fun, and take some time to learn game development.

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The next segment of in the Codea Series is out - animation.

We use variables and if and then statements to animate each of our monkeys in the scene indepedenently of each other.

In this lesson, we bring in custom sprites into Codea, and then program the sequence to bring the correct sprite at the right time when you tap the screen.

Newest coding video for aspiring game developers - how to add sound effects to our Codea scripting.

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New Video lesson - Exporting in Codea.

Today, we look at how to export your code out of the codea program to be used by other coding editors, like Xcode.