Cofee the x-th

I made also an attempt to an Coffee-scene :smiley:
Modeled with Blender 2.57 and rendered in Blender 2.49 with Yafaray. Enjoy

Hires and better quality:

nice! how long did it take. looks really good!

dude how’s the exporting from 2.57 -> yafaray, is it as integrated as luxrender?

The models are very nice :smiley: materials however doesn’t look convincing, and the ultra-white cupboard agains the bright background makes it hard to see what’s going on, I had to study the picture to notice the teaspoon. You should also work on the composition, right now the elements in the picture sends the eyes to the upper right corner, but there’s nothing there. Try to direct the focus to the models instead. :slight_smile:

Thank you Aermartin, it took approx. 5,5 h (2350 × 1513 Pixel) on my dualcore Imac.
I modelled the scene and uvtextured the cup in Blender 2.57.
Than i opened the blendfile in Blender 2.49 and exported from there to yafaray (Darktide release vr.538)=>
The reason for why im using this build, is that it is much faster than the actual 0.12 builds.
There is also no usable 012-yafaray build for osx 10.5.8 (leo).

this scene was a small exercise for me.
I know that the right side of the picture is empty, but in a final there would be an final text.
The Scene took me only one evening… I did’nt wanted to get touch with much details…


“Ah, that is a perfume in which I delight; when they roast coffee near my house, I hasten to open the door to take in all the aroma.”

Jean Jacques Rousseau

Nice coffee-poetry!

lovely colours!

Are those chocolates in the shape of coffeebeans? I think the chromatic shift isn’t helping what is otherwise a cool image!

Very nice angle and composition. Liquid looks exactly like coffee, spot on.
Only thing I would say is that the coffee beans are a little uniform.
May want deform them a little.

@ Zeffli
Thanx Zelffi, im preparing a much better scene over eastern.
The brwon ones are coffee beans , the white are white chocolates. Perhaps i should make some brown choco ones , nice idea.

@ Porkfist
Thanx, i will add some variance to them :wink:

If those are intended to be coffee beans you could obtain a little bag of coffee beans and study them. Think texture, colour variation, shape variation. Right now they look too uniform to be real.