Coffe time

Blender cycles :smiley:

Your backdrop seems a bit weird too me, make a granite countertop would look nice, or a nice mahogany.

It also seems a bit similar to a popular tutorial on youtube…

May I ask how you did the steam? I really like it.

Nice work, pali12345! Your coffee looks great, did you model it, or is the detail of the liquid all texture? I like the funky wooden backdrop, too!

Terrific work!

InmortalZombie: thanks for your advice.
What I look weird in the background is a curved plane, it’s just that.
Smoke is an image postproduction.

James Candy: thank you for your positive comments. :smiley:
The coffee material is was created whit 1 color texture, 2 mask textures and 1 displacement map on modifier.