Coffee break

This is my first post here.
It’s a still life picture I made couple of weeks ago. Blender/cycles, post using nodes. 2400 samples. All textures are hand painted in GIMP.
The main focus here was on textures, especially the silver. I tried to achieve a paintery fell and I’m quite happy with the result.


not bad, not bad at all, although I don’t really like the backdrop, it looks too much like plain old ‘cloud texture’. the lighting and texturing are pretty solid, definitely more attention to wear & tear effects than you normally see.

a job done really well, congratulations:)

Thanks for the comments.
@Kemmler, you’re right about the background, it could use some nice brushstrokes. I’ll remember this for future projects. Thanks!

Reminds me of those still life pictures of great artists (before they were fully appreciated). This is Blender Internal render? As a further exercise you might want to set the materials up with Cycles. I myself started out with BI and updated almost all my models to Cycles.

Thanks! No, it already is cycles render. I actually made this as a practice with node materials. It took some experimenting for the aged silver, but in the end I came up with a quite simple and effective setup.

Verry nice render.

Well you accomplished what you set out to do… great textures! I especially like the aged silver material. Could you post some of your node materials?

There really isn’t much to show with the other materials than the silver one. It’s the very basic setup with the mix of glossy and diffuse shader, with some painted textures or little bump-map.

I’m attaching my setup for the silver material, I hope it’s what you had in mind.

I’ll try to explain a bit what was my idea:

The aged silver (or other reflective metal) reflects the world, but not uniformly. The more polished parts look like a mirror, but the “dirtier” parts are less reflective, and also the reflection is more blurred. That’s the basic idea behind the setup.

The texture was first generated as a dirty, but fairly light material in GIMP. After UV unwraping it already looks decent, but needs tweaking. I modified it using blender’s “texture paint” mode. With this setup, the whiter the texture is, the clearer the reflection. The darker parts are less reflective, and the reflection is more blurred.

This way I controlled the areas of clarity and dirt just by painting the texture whiter or darker with a simple brush.

Only thing left was to smear the visible seams and that’s it.


Very nice image and colours. What I feel could be improved is the table (maybe a round one?..) and the arrangement of objects, the composition now looks a bit scattered, like the objects are too evenly distributed on the table. Did you use some particular reference for the still life composition?

Not really, I just went for a general feel of the still life. I used the shapes of the pots and the cloth to make a somewhat diagonal composition. But I didn’t spend too much time on it.

I agree the table and the wall could be better. A lot better actually. Maybe I’ll come back and revisit this one. I just wanted to finish it and move to new things.

Thanks for your insight :slight_smile:

Wow that looks great!

That’s exactly what i had in mind, thanks. I’m still a bit confused at how to convert what I know from BI to Cycles… using the BW painted image texture in the roughness makes perfect sense. However I’m still a bit confused why there are multiple overlay, multiply nodes for each branch. Isn’t this possible with less redundancy or is it just a matter of control?

Oh, right. That part was a little trial and error. I just made the multiply and overlay nodes to adjust the contrast of the original texture. You could do the same with color curves or simple brightness/contrast changes. But it worked, so I left it that way.

Great render! I like how you’ve accomplished a sort of 17th century painting look. I would not change a thing.

This looks just like a painting. 5 stars O.O

thanks for clarifying that… great work!