Coffee cup ended up as half a kitchen

Hello fellow Blenderheads :yes:

11 months into Blender now and keep learning new things but do not model as much as i should, so today i though i should model a cup of coffee and make it look as natural as i could.
The scene looked to flat and dull so i needed to make some environment for the cup… after a while i ended up with half a kitchen.

It’s great fun when things actually go your way and looks better than you had hoped for.
The wall texture is a mix of plain diffuse color, procedural wood texture (for the stripes) and a transparent png with the ornament pattern.
The scene has a plain jpg as environment to give reflections and has one sun lamp for the shadows.
Rendered with internal.

I probably need to make the rest of the kitchen to complete the scene and set up some real camera angles, but i was so pleased with what i ended up with so i had to post it. :o

Larger version

You may want to add some warm sunlight beaming in from a window as now the lighting is rather white and cold. The wood texture on the surface also looks heavily stretched, but other than that, this is a promising scene! Keep up the good work!