Coffee cup handle crooked

Newbie here, my handle looks a little crooked. What’s the best way to realign the top with the bottom part of the cup?

Depends on your mesh, a wireframe view would be better.

But the handle looks like it not pointing to the middle for both ends. The cup is not 100% round from top, right? I guess you choose the wrong faces where not pointing to the middle.
If you have a copy of the cup i would remake the handle from new. Take faces that align stright to the middle, it you have no faces fitting choose the two most fitting and make an inset to start from.

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Sure, if you tell me how to send a copy as again I’m still a beginner that’d be great.

If you modeled it with CTRL+LMB extrusion it needs to be undone/deleted and remodeled in Ortho view. Another way is to use symmetrical sculpt with Dyntopo.

You can upload here after you have made some post, or use a free upload cloud.
But @Lukasz-40sth is right, that you were not in ortho view was your mistake.
Here is a short simply way to do it right.

Your mistake was probably the same like in this “tutorial” where the video maker made this mistake: