Coffee-like smoke in 2.49b

OK, I hope I post this in the right place. First serious post!
I would like to achieve pretty much the same effect you can see at the very end of those videos:
The smoke effect on the SEAT logo.
But it would stay more or less in place and coming from a object (a 3D “nine” to be exact) meaning a bit like coffee smoke, playing around…
So I though that it could be made with particles and wind but I didn’t go in these field before…

I saw the tutorial by Meltingman on twirl of smoke:
But it seems it would be a lot of work to make the effect I want with this technique…

So I would greatly appreciate your help on this…Or just tell me if it isn’t possible with Blender 2.49b!

I searched quite a while on the Internet and here, but didn’t come up with anything.

Tell me if I’m not clear…and thank you for reading:D

It ispossible in 2.49 but I think you should see this.


Thank you, I knew of these files but when I render, it doesn’t make smoke at all! I tried to bake, …but it didn’t work…
Anyway, I think I’ll download Blender 2.50 on a computer and have fun with this wonderful smoke simulator! Thanks for the links.