Coffee machine


As a big fan of coffee, I decided to create this picture. Initially I had a big idea for this, but the idea got completely forgotten during the process.

Blender for modeling and rendering. Photoshop for some heavy post work.



pretty darn realistic I love the water drips and the halo around the fungus

Thanks for the comment!


what is the thing bellow the coffee machine? i feel that since it’s there the render needs a floor! great work on the mushrooms and grass, it’s instantly recognizable what’s going on in the image

That’s really cool, love the fungus growing out of the bottom :wink:

looks, amazing!!
keep it up.

Hey thanks everyone!

@Stumpy: if you mean the small thing at the bottom of the picture, it’s the letter “G” that has dropped off from the coffee machine logo. I thought about adding a floor/table, but didn’t after all. =)


as a big coffee fan , you have to use your machine a bit more. :rolleyes:
Nice modeling, very well textured,and a very nice idea.
I like absolutely the lightning.

Heheh, you’re right ChrisX. And thanks for the comments!