Coffee machine

Hi. This is my first post on the forum. I discovered Blender about 9 months ago and have been enjoying learning about it. I’ve been immersing myself in loads of video tutorials, especially Andrew Price’s, which I’ve found very helpful and have seen a lot of amazing art on the forum which has really inspired me to want to improve.

So I thought I might as well enter something in the Blenderguru photorealism competition and start to get some feedback. This is only my fifth project so I’m still finding my way. I’m fairly pleased with it but it’s lacking something, certainly from a realism point of view.

I’d really appreciate any tips or advice on how to improve it.
Many thanks.

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Thanks. Good spot with the mark in the bottom right. I hadn’t noticed it actually. I’ll investigate what’s happened there.

Your one has some really nice touches in it (I like the stains on the machine and cups and the subtle scratches for example). The one in my kitchen has certainly seen some action so there’s plenty of wear and grime I could copy for a less pristine version!

Thanks for your comments!

This look’s really good! As harleynut97 mentioned, apply some texture on it. Even very mild as it’s “new”. Some grunge and so very subtle scratches should do the trick.

Welcome to the forums, looks good, i would say to add a couple scratches and make coffee coming out of the machine.