Coffee machine

This is a small little project I am working on.
This is the coffee machine we have at home that my wife loves so much.

The material on the machine still needs some work. It believe it lacks dimension and probably need some proper texture instead of just a combo of diffuse and glossy although I’m not sure what…

The coffee cups are also modeled and textured for this scene.

I will also add some coffee to the cups with some smoke and let the coffee machine fill the cup on the machine to add some more liveliness to the scene.

After that I will fill in the room to make it more look like a proper kitchen scene but still with the main focus on the machine and coffee.

It needs a lot more gears and sprockets, oh wait it’s not a steampunk entry! Just kidding.

Good start, I like the mugs they seem about right. The machine needs a better plastic shader, and a softer bevel. The edges look a bit to sharp and it needs another level of subsurf, I can see the angles. I always like a good cup of coffee and I’ll keep my eye out for this one!

Here’s an update.

I spend almost an entire evening working on smoke simulator only to find out it couldn’t render on GPU and I don’t want to wait for hours just for the smoke so I decided to drop the smoke :slight_smile:

I did spend some time in the material of the machine and wanted to give a cottage type of feel to the scene with the wood and counter top.

I’m not yet fully happy with how the towel looks like. I will tinker a bit with the cloth simulation and make sure it looks better.

I will also add a coffee tin next to machine to hold the coffee beans to finish up the scene.

Nice improvements. I like the hand towel, but it should be falling more naturally. Good bump on the counter, and the coffee shader is better. One thing I see a lot is a style conflict with background images/hdrs. The outside photo of the grass, whethers it’s an image plane or hdr is clashing with the scene. Unless you have a hyper realistic scene, you would be smart to run a blur on the background.

The modeled grass in the window looks great. The square pot it’s in looks a bit sharp.