Coffee man

Little update, the bottom picture shows where I was at previous update (I obviously added a texture :slight_smile: )

I connected all parts into one mesh -> one texture:
-2[SUP]11[/SUP] (2048x2048) + AO tex.

TODO list:
-50s styled perverse animations!

It’s my first “real” character texturing so please be nice! :smiley:

Interesting character.
I think it would be good if you do a good work for his hair!

Yes, Character must be interested. I like the 1950’s outfit… but why the cloth cover his mouth? is character from TV show, I probably have not watched or something like that… So, post your update with hair and animate him,too! you did great with your first character. smile…

This is not a picture of me.

Well he originally meant to have face, but looked like an alien, so I had to cover it with something, though I don’t think it’s a problem, I’m planning to do animations where the face isn’t really important, nor I want him to talk or anything…