Coffee Mug

Need some critiques please and what should i improve.

Well their’s a few things I can suggest, the first being materials, the mug looks like plastic right now, or rubber. Assuming this is a ceramic mug, it would be a lot more reflective, the spoon I feel should also be more reflective. The other thing I noticed is that the size of these objects are off. The spoon and straw look small in comparison with the mug. The mugs handle should also be bigger.

Hopefully that was helpful! :slightly_smiling_face:

yea the size difference is way too off. I used principled shader for the mug and didn’t tweak any settings , could u suggest some values i should experiment with?

I would suggest high specular for the mug with no roughness, I’d also give the spoon high metalic with maybe 0.1 percent roughness. Usually I just mess around until things look right.

Agreeing with ArtAvenue, except the handle style is reminiscent of the bakelite mugs I remember in breakfast places in the early 70’s – even bakelite would have a bit less roughness and more reflectivity, though. And is the inner-edge style of the lip what you intended? If so, great, but I don’t remember ever seeing a cup like that.