Coffee roaster


I’m new to blender and are interested in Blender because I teach the science of Coffee. I have worked with some protein-import to illustrate for teaching but lately I have been working on a coffee roaster, since I teach coffee roasting and would like to illustrate the coffee roasting process in dynamic 3D using Blender.

I have build a very simple (if not pathetic) roaster (drum, paddles, cabinet and a single coffee bean) and I succeed in rotating the drum. I would like to be able to add (unrealistically) around 20 beans to the roaster and would like to see them being tossed around in the drum by the paddles as it simulates a roast.

I thought, that I could use the game engine and make a kind of ‘bouncing ball’. The being-roasted-coffee-beans playing the role of some balls and the rotating (!) cylinder is just a cylindrical moving ‘table’ that the ‘balls’ are bouncing in. BUT when I added the bean and started the games engine, the bean fell down due to gravity into the bottom of the roasting drum but as soon as the game simulation started, the drum stopped rotating! How can I have all the balls (coffee beans) bouncing inside the rotating drum? I must admit that I’m caught between key framing the drum and the game engine that provides the physics that I would like to operate inside the turning (key framed) drum.

Any suggestions?

Best regards from Morten Münchow

PS. I just joined this forum and as I understand I’m not allowed to post the source code yet as I need more that 10 articles to be able to upload anything. If somebody would like to see the code, please write me in the mail system of the forum!

I’ll just see if I can link to the file:

just posted the link and I guess it will be available ass soon as a moderator has kindly approved it :slight_smile:

is my post off-topic? Should it be under ‘games’? Or is there a forum more tuned into beginners like me?

if you would like advice, this forum likes pictures… don’t post the blend unless people ask for it.
and preferably implement pic’s in, don’t put links to them

Perhaps you could use an emitter particle system and set the particles to render/object(the bean). Set the physics to fluid to make it less bouncy also enable size deflect. then Give the inner parts of the roaster collision modifiers and adjust the dampening to your liking.

he is still a noobie here

it would be easier if there was a small sample file just to show the basics for this effect!

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