Coffee scenario

Here is a scene I have been working on with Yafaray.
I still have work to do on the lighting and the coin textures.

Special thanks to AngelaSmith for the saucer - it’s where I started from.

That looks great. I love the details. The little chocolate crumbs, the book title (lol), and you have used the best laminate pattern of all time (boomerang). One note though, the boomerang pattern feels just a little small compared to the other items. One more thing I just noticed is the spoon, I would expect it to have coffee on it.

How did you do the steam?

Great image but the coffee looks off. I can’t help it but I think it needs to be a little mit more emissive. Coffee has a very dark color almost black but at the same time it translucent and you can see its brown tone at the places where it meets the cup.

Where do you live cause that is a very expensive cup of coffe for 6 EUR. :wink:

Very nice image, very calm, I particularly like the 1950’s table top design. The coffee dose look a little chocolaty but maybe it’s just a really strong cup of java.

You could be right about the boomerang, frankly I am guessing; these are the best reference images I could find:-

I’ll try it a bit larger; if anyone has a better reference image please post the address.
I’m a little unclear on how to add coffee to the spoon; I guess an image would be the simplest - I’ll see about making a coffee stain with Gimp.

The steam is from Meltingman’s soft bodies tutorial:-

I totally agree. The texture image has an alpha channel but it turned out it wasn’t as simple as that, so I need to make one or two more texture images to give it more depth.

The coffee is organic - it is worth every cent. :eyebrowlift:

Java is what I was aiming for!

Thanks for the comments, here is an earlier render with the alpha channel enabled:-

The graph on the notebook is the one for black body radiation and the equations are Maxwell’s equations for light.