Coffee scene

Ok so I started working on this a few hours ago. I’m pretty happy with the modeling thus far, although that may change as I add more objects. There is a particle system inside the cafetiere that’s emitting a group that resembles ground coffee. However they can’t be seen all that well so I might make the coffee itself lighter and more transparent. I just noticed that the background in the 2nd picture is a little skewed so i’ll fix that next time around. I’d love to add some condensation in the upper part of the cafetiere and perhaps some steam too. Does anyone have any good methods for doing that?


i like it… i do notice that you need a small lip around the area to poor but other than that i like it. tha glass material might need a little blue in it too, but like i said, good work

Yeah you’re right - the spout could do with having a little raised lip. Thanks! And yeah I’ll keep playing with the materials.

For the condensation I would use a mix of a particle system and texturing on the material itself. Here’s an example of something I did I while ago

As for the steam I suppose you could use the smoke simulator. I’ve never gotten around into using it so I can’t help you out a lot there.

The models look great! and the materials thus far look pretty nice. I like the second image the most. ;p

i agree about condensation… but remember this is just the top part and its half fog on the inside half condensation on the out. it wont likely drip a whole lot, only a little because the hot part below it is keeping the glass hot and dry so the water will stick a little. the water dropplets will be very small unlike with a cold drink

again, looking good

Also in hot drink the condensation is caused mostly because the the liquid is hot and steamy. So the glass, like ThorntonStrolia said, will have very little droplets and should be mostly foggy.

References my good man, look for them! XD Google is your friend heheh

I’ve achieved a fairly realistic condensation with a texture that controls the factor amount of the mix shader of the material. Also added a HTC phone from one of my older projects (a businessman is drinking this coffee!).

By the way, thanks for the tips, guys!

Just a minor thing, if the piston is down, it’s because the coffee is ready. Looking at the color of the coffee, it’s not ready yet. I would put the piston on the upper position or darken the coffee.

Ho, and one more thing, the piston rod is to short. :wink: