Coffee Shop

Id like to build a 3d coffee shop for an animation and was trying to figure out a good layout for it,

feed back appreciated

You might want to watch some films from French Nouvelle Vague era and post new wave. They’ve been spending lot
of time in cafeterias :slight_smile:
You could make it a little bit bigger with large glass windows to get something in the background,
doesn’t have to be deepfocus, gradual blur will be just a little bit fancier than plain wall, … or maybe not :slight_smile:

As always it really depends on what you’re trying to do. If you’re expecting of somewhat constructive response
you should at least give us some brief description to get the mood and impression out.
I don’t know if you’d kill me for having you watch La maman et la poutain but it’s worth you to give it a shot :slight_smile:

The thing with coffee shops is that every so often, the owner makes a change to the layout as he/she sees it fit. Even when coffee shops change hands to new ownership…the new owners make a change.

hmmm … im not sure … i hate to say that
ive always been better at the technical side of things as opposed to designing stuff
(i just know someone is going to come on and tell me that’s no excuse or something)

what i wanted to do was make a short 3d animation with it/in it about 2 persons sitting at a coffee shop conversing about something.

i have story boards ^^;;

… so yeah …

perhaps i need to give this more thought

Nothing particularly special about the coffee shop, i just needed a coffee shop
just wanted 2 characters discussing a topic at a coffee shop lots of ppl i spoke to about this liked the storyboards and seemed to be able to relate to/identify with the story
What are the limitations of the space? since its 2 characters discussing a said topic that would pretty much limit the space significantly that’s actually needed. the focus would be on the characters in the seating in the corner here
neighborhood is modern day suburban environment … well maybe not suburbs but definitelly not downtown. maybe more like a mid town environment
they sell coffee and donuts, its a coffee shop


its strictly interior

s from French Nouvelle Vague era
watch La maman et la poutain but

hmmm ill need to keep my eye out for that stuff

Well, here I am, sitting in a coffee shop. It’s a large, roughly square room, with a single column about in the center. The south (main street) side has windows, the windows east of the door are large and have a window seat, with a couple of small tables and a few wooden chairs. The west wall only has windows near the corner, the rest of the wall is wood. The east wall is plaster, no windows. There is a counter on the west wall on the north end, with a few tall chairs nearby. The southwest corner has similar tall chairs but they are near tiny tall circular tables. The space between the column and the east wall is filled with two large wooden tables, with six wooden chairs apiece. West of the column is a living room set (sofa and a couple of arm chairs, along with several small tables and wooden chairs. The north side of the room is the service area, the ordering counter is in the center. To the west of the counter is a display case full of pastries, and to the east is the coffee prep area, with the espresso machine, supplies, a sink, microwave, blenders, and so on. There is a clear space in front of the pastry display case and the ordering counter, where people line up to order when it gets busy. A hallway west of the display case leads past a counter with coffee fixings and to the bathrooms. Beyond that hall is a doorway leading to the side street to the west of the building.

The menus and prices are painted on the north wall behind the display case and the coffee prep area. A hallway behind the display case leads back to a kitchen/storeroom. The other walls are generally covered with frequently awful, always interesting art provided by local artists. The living room furniture on the east side of the room surrounds a small fireplace, and a large screen is mounted over the fireplace. There are two ceiling fans.

That depends on the script and the storyboard too. For instance, when is the story set? Is this a Starbucks where people grab their coffee and go, or is there going to be a lot of people inside? Is the scene set in daylight or night? Are the restrooms visible from the camera position? Is the coffee shop more modern (chromes, slick Ikea furniture) or more vintage (wood grain, table cloths)? Is the coffee javanese or italian? Could their barista draw the Blender icon in the mocchatino foam?

Seriously though, story is king. Read your story and it will tell you how many chairs you will need. If you did your storyboard right, half of your layout is already done.

Also, go to a real cafeteria, take notes, sketches, ask the manager if you can take pictures. Drink some coffee, ask the other costumers what do they think about the place.

think i should have planned this out more at least befor i started texturing stuff …

at least figure out the color schemes. think ill go with browns or light browns and maybe whites or skyblues … it be better if i had a picture eh :S

i actually did make some progress i should go back and post some of it … i have models … a couple …