Coffee/tea cup WIP- Update 3-19

Hi, Ok here’s a picture I’m working on, nothing spectacular now, but it’s not even close to being finished and I thought it would be nice to get some input from somebody. So here goes…

Here’s a link just in case the pic doesn’t show up…


Well done. I particularly like the stain. I might try using an alpha mapped png for the steam though rather than particles.

Thanks Modron! :slight_smile: I made the stains from scratch in GIMP.

I’m not sure what you mean about using a PNG for the steam though. And why is that better than using particles?

Thanks for the input!


I like the way you did the sugar(particles?)…The table could use some work tho(bevel)…

cool i did a similar stain on my ‘beware of dog’ texture. The reason i suggest PNGs, PSDs, or TGAs, is because you can do the steam in photoshop od GIMP using the airbrush tool, and have a lot more control over the ‘wafting’ of the steam. To use an alpha channel in such a pic, you just load it as a texture onto a plane, and click ‘use alpha’. Then in materials window, click on ‘alpha’, ‘ztransp’, and turn the alpha slider all the way down, and set to ‘shadeless’.

Thanks, I used a fractal subdivided plane with Dupliverts for the sugar. I had to give it some Emit value for it to show up, before I did that it just looked like gray dots! hehe… You’re right about the table, right now it’s only a plane. :stuck_out_tongue: hehe…I’ll work on it though.

Ok, I’ll try your suggestion, Thanks! I agree it’s not exactly easy getting the particles to look the way I want!


btw if you decide to go with particles, try parenting the emmitor to a lattice. that will give you a bit more control.

OK, here’s an update…

Changed the steam, used a different texture and tweaked the lattice some more. (I’m still using particles Modron)

Plus I tried out the displacement feature on the spoon, I made a custom disp map of a fancy decoration for the spoon handle. However, In order for it to work properly I had to set SubSurf to level 5, which increased render time to about 4.5 hours! (from about 45 minutes previous). and it doesn’t even look that great! AARG… anyway, I think I might model the decor manually to bring down the long render times…

What do you think?

<edit> oh, and I changed the background to make the steam more visible…It’s only a temporary background…