Coffee time

Hey! this is the second time I have posted this, only got one comment last time. please tell me something!

It looks really good to me. It looks like a real cup of coffee.

Thanks, I m glad you think so! I just don’t like the way that the coffee and steam really look. It kinda annoys me

just some visual observation: the steam looks too straight, missing those nice curly bends and bounds. and the coffee looks more a solid chocolate than liquid. and also the beans are flat, they should be more convex on their back side.
and I like the overall composition, colors and light setup.
*warning: I am quite new here and really just learning blender and all the CG world; even my first post hasn’t appeared yet in the work in progress forum.

The idea is cool. :smiley: I think we got a little scaling issue with coffee beans vs mug. I feel that the beans could be slightly bigger and more round. I agree with g6b0r that the smoke could be more curly too.

Here’s one nice ref from unsplash - see how big the beans are? Just a suggestion. Good luck with your project!

Crop it more tightly. You’ve got excess space. Also the depth of field is a bit shallow (might not be after bringing the camera closer to the cup).

Materials look good.

sorry this reply took so long. thank you for all your replies, ill start working on then! this is what I have so far.

I cannot see the latest update image, but for me the first thing I noticed (other than the nice textures on the wood and coffee beans) was the stain on the napkin. Looking at a reference image, a paper napkin would deform around the stain ring. I also like the tone of the lighting for the scene. Nice choice.

I really like the stain on the table, maybe add a better texture on the bean with a displacement and for that kind of project I also recommend using the picture editing skills in blender to crank up the color realism.

anyways awsome i like the steam a lot and the focus on the cup with the blury background

I cannot see the image as well. :confused: