lol new project for me mite need some help on this one i have got to sort out the texture on the wood but thats just a quicky to make it look a bit better in a type of scene instead of just a plain mug anyone know how to get the lines that rise up from the base of the cup having trouble with them the only way i can sort em is to do the scene cell shaded but i do not wish to any help would be appreciated

If you click set smooth, I think that should get rid of the lines :slight_smile:

Looks good :slight_smile:

thanks for the quick reply i have tryed clicking set smooth it does not work still gets the triangular shadows i dont know whether it is the lighting angles or it could be the way i’ve sub divided it i will ahve a fiddle if any oen else has any ideas please share them thanks

did you select all vertices first? I think you have to do it in edit mode with all the vertices selected…if you didnt do that, try it :slight_smile:
also, click the OSA button in the render panel…that should help improve your renders :slight_smile:

thanks i have tryed them i have got it sorted now i forgot to re sub-surf the handle so i have done that and now i have sub-divided the top and bottom with beauty which has made the lines go (learn soemthing new everyday) so now i ahve jsut got to work a bit more on the scene as i am happy with the mug itself although as always everything can be improved in the world of graphics.

that coffee table really lives up to it’s name. it looks like it’s actually made of coffee!

here’s a nice site for some wood textures you can use instead:

I agree, the table texture is, wrong :slight_smile:

the coffe looks good but perhaps the storm inside the cup should be less stormy

lol :stuck_out_tongue: as i said the table is jsut a quick thing to put the cup on sumthing lol so i will sort that out and also thansk for the coffee thing i think i need to tone it dwn a bit thanks

try this ?

Yeah! Another coffee lover! I love it!

Here’s Mine!

My favorite coffee:

Here’s another:

Download my newest MUG MESH

An animation
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Have fun! I want to see what you come up with.

lol…this thread is full of caffine addicts then :wink:
Nice images Spin :smiley: