Hello everybody! This is a new work. Please say what you think about. Thank you!


I like the Texturing! maybe the text should be a little more cream colored though?

I think the beans schould be darker and less specular. They look like chocolate at the moment.
I really like the mill is nice. I like the texturing

There really never is enough coffee :smiley:

What is the “white powder” on the coffee grinder? And I agree the beans look too shiny, kind of like plastic.

This is a dirt texture. I’ve used texture painting and maybe made it too white.

Thank you! Now I see they really look very shiny. What a good thing another pov! :slight_smile:

It don’t have the looks of an 60 year old grinder.Try to make it more damaged.I agree whit place57.
But a nice work :wink: