Hey everyone, this is my latest piece. Everything is Blender expect the steam which is photoshop.
Comments and critique welcome.

Oh, boy, I’m so far from that! As I’m no artist, IMHO it looks great!

I would make the steam a bit more transparent. Looks good though.

Thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I think you’d do better to manually place each bean. I can see that some of the beans are not laying on the plate correctly as if they were poured on and captured by a camera with a fast shutter speed. This may sound like nitpicking but it immediately jumped out at me and it detracts from the realism of the picture. And the steam is too opaque. You might consider adding a plane with a clouds distortion that affects the IOR of the material to effect heat waves in the air. You would also need a simple mask layer so the edges of the plane don’t show. Oh and your table should be in focus. No lens would keep that whole cup in focus but totally blur out the table which is in some spots closer to the camera than the cup.

Compositionally, this looks great. And since I’m a coffee man (well, at least my habits of drinking it, is), I’d like to give you some constructive critiques:

  1. Simulating fluid sims is a make or break deal in the world of CG and unfortunately, in this piece, it broke it. I would have done so myself if I did attempt it. My advise would be to keep the coffee in a relaxed state. We all know how difficult it is to simulate real coffee fluid, let alone its viscosity and what not.

  2. The coffee beans will look better a little darker than they are now, to blend in with the rest of the color composition your scene has, plus you can manually alter their position and make them fall and rest on the plate as they would be affected by gravity (no floating beans, that’s what I’m saying).

  3. The ground texture looks oddly blurred, for some reason. It somehow indicates use of low resolution photo, which will destroy this image entirely, or a post-altered manipulation that has been overdone. I suggest you use a high-res texture and create DoF as it should affect the whole scene, per se.

I hope these helped and looking forward to seeing more of your works soon.Ch



Thank Reyn, I’m going to make a revised version with the suggestions you made. Btw, I love your portfolio, you got some amazing work there