Coffie grinder


Made this coffeegrinder and thought it would be nice to share and maybe get some feedback! It’s made with blender and post in photoshop. I’m very happy with the result but if you want to critique me my feelings arent attached to the image! =)


Nice job! I like the textures and scratches on the box. Very cool.

Compositionally, I think the floor is a bit distracting. Technically, it’s great and I like the displacement. But, I wouldn’t grind on the floor. :wink:

Maybe a butcher block table, with a period correct coffee cup, maybe sugar cubes, or napkin, might help balance the focus.

Very nice! I can think of two things to improve: 1. I have a floor like this and it is a little more shiny, less rough. 2. My coffe grinder has whole beans in the funnel and the ground powder comes out in the little box. Your beans has somehow managed to go through unscathed.

Thanks for your feedback! I agree, maybe something to balance the scene would be nice.

I thought that the first comment I would get was that all the beans are lying with the flat side up, I forgot to center the point of origin before the simulation so they all ended up on the same side but laziness struck me so I didn’t bother to remake it :P. Was a very fun piece to work on though.

Nice start…

… & finally, the drawer is where ground coffee beans end up.

Yes, missing the whole narrative, story.

Great result! I like the textures and colors :slight_smile:

there is always story to be told and yeah I got lazy with what comes out of it as well :stuck_out_tongue:

My critiques would be:

  1. shinier floor
  2. Did you use Fresnel to mix glossy and diffuse on the coffee grinder and beans?
  3. It is a coffee grinder so ground coffee does come out the bottom drawer (even though it looks pretty good with the beans)