Cognitive's Next Project: 'The Zenith Project'

The cogs are turning once again as our team embarks on it’s next project! After much discussion we’ve decided on the game will be mission based with a ‘space’ theme. Designers will have almost unlimited freedom to assemble their own missions within the common theme. Consistantly we’ve found team members to be happiest and most productive when they’re given a good amount of creative freedom. This is something we’ll be looking to apply to all our future projects.

We’ll also be looking to develop this game much more in the public eye than we’ve ever done before. The thread will contain regular WIP updates from each developer as we progress. It should give an inside look into the steps a team like ours takes to develop a game. So watch this space, lots more will be coming soon!

If this project sounds interesting and you’d like to get involved with development feel free to contact any member of our team. We always welcome help from those with the ability :slight_smile:

Finally here are some screenshots of the preliminary work we’ve already started on:

Concept Ship (TomorrowMan)

Implementation of Concept (TomorrowMan)

Ship Design (Friedbrain)

Ship Design (Friedbrain)

Evolving Menu Design (ST150) :smiley:

and there it is folks.:slight_smile: Its been almost a month since the racing game was finished, so everyone is refreshed and ready to tackle something new…heh, I know I am.

like Andy said, it’ll be mission-based, probably involving a lot of heavy cosmic fighting. It will definintly run way faster than the racing game ever did though, we’ll be using bullet afterall(plus, no gravity.:p). Expect my art to be crazier this time, now that Andy is helping out again, I can focus on what I do best.

Hopefully we can also expose some of the pitfalls and strategies when it comes to making large-scale team-based blender games with this thread too, so that others can hopefully avoid those pitfalls and use those strategies themselves.

As far as I know propellers don’t provide any propulsion in the vacuum of space, but I like the design non-the less.

It’s really good to see a team with a plan. I think that documenting your progress would help others a great deal.

I am looking forward to this.

hahaha, this is true. I tried to justify in my mind, why a spaceship would need propellers, but I never really came up with anything that made sence.:stuck_out_tongue: …I was going for a vintage plane mixed with space-age tech, hence the propellers and 4 wings…parts of the design we’re also inspired by ecks’ entry when he battled alltaken at blenderbattles…looks cooler in blender though, with the reflected stars gleaming off the hull, etc.

perhaps the propellers could take over as the propulsion system when the ship enters a planet : ) now they have a purpose :wink:

looking great guys, im looking forward to this one.

maybe they’re solar propellers that use the very light itself, or maybe they’re windmill blades to charge the battery when in an atmosphere (my Ideas get a little strange when I’m not thinking properly which is most of the time)

everything looks great, can’t wait to see more

Mind if I contribute an idea?

It’s a cargo ship. The round cockpit is in the middle and the cargo is placed in the wing of the ship. The wing is circular, hence the nickname “O-Wing”. There is one engine on each of the four connecting beams between the cockpit and the ring-wing. They have poor maneuverability but good speed.

As for use in the game, they could be AI-controlled ships that you need to protect as part of a mission.

cool idea Toomai, i’ll definintly keep that in mind.:slight_smile:

After having a dim moment where I couldn’t figure out why parented buttons wouldn’t respond to the Mouse Over (parent was scaled), I’m now onto the 3rd section of the options menu. Unlike the previous Menu system of Transcendent, these sections are now interchanged within a single scene. I’ve cleaned up lots of code and simplified it where possible. The resulting menu system is coming along quite nicely :slight_smile:

Here’s another screenshot of the Performance tab (renamed from Graphics):

Wow!!! I like you scripts!!!

Wow. Tomarrow Man’s textuer job is fantastic!

Wow. Tomarrow Man’s textuer job is fantastic!


heh, looks better in realtime though, cause you can actually see the environment reflecting off of the ship. Im not 100% done with it yet, it could be better…might add a bump map shader to the mix, and maybe some more lights/details.

Textures sucks, scripts-the best of the best. Give me this scripts :eek::rolleyes::mad:

I actually like the propellers in space. Ever seen Disney’s Treasure Planet? THey were in a victorian style sailing ship with rockets. They were in space, yet the cockpit was open and everyone breathed without shields or enclosures. Having propellors in space adds some mystery to the whole thing, where normal laws of physics and astronomy have been bent to allow the impossible.


Sounds and looks pretty neat. Please don’t mind the posts by Heretic. I believe he’s mentally “special”.

EDIT- Or I believe he may just sound special because he uses an online translator.

Hello, everyone! I love you all, and I really love blender.

Translation: Hello, All person! I is loved you all, I like mixer truth.

See what I mean?

I’ve just finished the front end of the newly designed Options Menu, which is now available for download! This is the first of several demo builds I plan to release for C&C as features are developed. Comments would be appreciated :slight_smile: (.blend format - 259KB)

Extract both files to a folder before running the .blend file. Otherwise it’ll throw up a messy error screen (not fixed the graphics on it yet). The back end which saves all the variables still needs some work, so not everything will be saved at this point.

You can take a look at my scripts Heretic. If you have the knowledge to adapt them for your own projects, by all means go ahead and use them :wink:

nah, never seen it, sounds cool though. funny you should mension that, a few days ago Andy mensioned to me that he might try doing a pirate ship sometime during production, so you might actually get to see something like that in some nook or cranie of the game, guess we’ll find out.:wink:

heh, actually I find his comments pretty entertaining.:stuck_out_tongue:

An update on the programming side of things. The code is just about complete now for fully customisable keys. Here’s how it’ll work with my current system…

Identical logic bricks are applied to every button, with a single script handling all the buttons:

Each button has the following properties, with the KeyNum property determining where in the global list that key is saved.

Each key is assigned to a different position in the global list g.Keys[]. These can then be called in the actual game like so (pseudo code):

if KeyPressed == g.Keys[4]:

    Walk Forwards...

Here’s the script:

import GameKeys
g = GameLogic
c = g.getCurrentController()
o = c.getOwner()

mOver = c.getSensor("Over")
mLeft = c.getSensor("Left")
mRight = c.getSensor("Right")
mMiddle = c.getSensor("Middle")
mWheelUp = c.getSensor("WheelUp")
mWheelDown = c.getSensor("WheelDown")
Key   = c.getSensor("Key")

KeyText = c.getActuator("act").getOwner()
AppKey = g.getCurrentScene().getObjectList()["OBPlane.017"]

KeyNum = o.KeyNum

if mOver.isPositive() and mLeft.isPositive() and o.State == 0:

    o.State = 1

if o.State == 1:

    KeyText.Text = "Press a Key..."

    if not mLeft.isPositive() and o.Clicked == 0:
        o.Released = 1

    if o.Released == 1:
        if mLeft.isPositive():
            o.Clicked = 1
            mButton = "L"
        elif mRight.isPositive():
            o.Clicked = 1
            mButton = "R"
        elif mMiddle.isPositive():
            o.Clicked = 1
            mButton = "M"
        elif mWheelUp.isPositive():
            o.Clicked = 1
            mButton = "WU"
        elif mWheelDown.isPositive():
            o.Clicked = 1
            mButton = "WD"

    if o.Clicked == 1:    
        AppKey.State = 1
        o.State = 0
        o.Clicked = 0
        o.Released = 0
        if mButton == "L":
            g.Keys[KeyNum] = "MouseLeft"
            KeyText.Text = "Mouse Left"
        elif mButton == "R":
            g.Keys[KeyNum] = "MouseRight"
            KeyText.Text = "Mouse Right"
        elif mButton == "M":
            g.Keys[KeyNum] = "MouseMiddle"
            KeyText.Text = "Mouse Middle"
        elif mButton == "WU":
            g.Keys[KeyNum] = "MouseWheelUp"
            KeyText.Text = "Mouse Wheel Up"
        elif mButton == "WD":
            g.Keys[KeyNum] = "MouseWheelDown"
            KeyText.Text = "Mouse Wheel Down"

    if Key.isPositive():

        AppKey.State = 1
        o.State = 0
        o.Clicked = 0
        o.Released = 0
        keylist = Key.getPressedKeys()
        for key in keylist:
            if key[1] == 1:
                g.Keys[KeyNum] = key[0]
                if key[0] == GameKeys.AKEY:            
                    KeyText.Text = "A"
                elif key[0] == GameKeys.BKEY:
                    KeyText.Text = "B"


[Removed bulk of keys to keep post length down]


                elif key[0] == GameKeys.SPACEKEY:
                    KeyText.Text = "Space"
                elif key[0] == GameKeys.TABKEY:
                    KeyText.Text = "Tab"

Oh, yeee! Thank to all, i too give you my work. After…
(Textures not bad :slight_smile: )

What are you guys looking for? I’ve “doodled” many ships in Blender, some finished, some not… if you would like to use them for the project, let me know, OK?