Cog's Ocean Wake Technique

Hi all,

Although it seems like a long absence I have been busy with my BSoD entry and some late vacationing. But I had the chance recently to restart my cruel Sea production, working on the interaction of objects in water.
I have used node based materials and composite to add a wake matched to the objects. I have also used node compositing to restrict the toon-edge effect to just the objects in the water to get the illustrative look I am after. The great thing about these techniques is that an HD size image only takes 6 mins to render.

Unfortunately 2.42a produced some render artifacts at certain angles which I had to remove by rotoscoping (individually removing the render abberations in a paint program for 250 frames Help). However, I now know at what angles these artefacts appear and will avoid them in any production shots.

Here is a non-looping 480x204 QT (1.3Mb) movie to show the effect.



PS I will be presenting at the Blender Conference in October where I will detail techniques used and other SFX magic using blender nodes.

hey, the water thing looks very nice.

but - are there any quick setup notes and perhaps a node screenshot?

and - do you think any atmospheric stuff (i.e quick rendering fog or fumes) could be done using nodes instead of particles?

So it’s “top secret” till October ? :frowning:


Hi Mike,

Until I get it documented. Not too long I promise…:rolleyes:


… red October?

Big fan of yours. I’ve learned lots from you already. Thanks for sharing your hard-earned knowledge like you do. Looking forward to more tips and tuts, especially about the node system. Hopefully a good camera / sound setup will be rolling when you present at the conference?

Edit: Forgot to mention the vid looks amazing!

Hi Tedi,

Fabulous quote I love it comrade.

Thanks Larry.

Nothing I do is secret and if we can all learn the quality of our combined efforts will improve exponentially.

By the way I am toying with producing a Video based tutorial that I hope to produce in tandem with the Blender conference presentation. I will have control of the sound levels then:). However, I think the conference organizers learnt a lot from last year and also from Siggraph 06. So the conference videos should be fantatastic this year.


I apologize for my previous “sour grapes” post.

Your tutorials are great and were one of the first things I added to my “Best of Blender” thread :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the wake tutorial, and also the “Hawaiian Surfer Pipeline” tutorial :smiley:


Heh. The topic sounds like some kung fu technique. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll be looking forward to the tutorial as currently the node system doesn’t open up to me. :slight_smile: I’ve learned a lot from your tutorials and hopefully will learn even more in the future. Keep up the good work.

Artifacts at certain angles? That’s odd… Could you post a render of one of the frames with artifacts?

Hi Alden,

Take a look at my website there is one there.