Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast

well here is my latest wip. it is Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast here is 2 verisons of him i with one looks better…

and here is the second one

let me know what you think…

crits are more than welcome.

I love the first one!
it’s so authentic, it looks just like the “real” thing.
I would really like to see this thing toonshaded and animated !
good job

  • Bentagon

I suggested to toon-shaded approach last night as well. I really think the first one is better than the second one. How about this: Take the wood texture from the first one, and the metal texture from the second one, and combine them. In other words:

#1 Metal + #2 Wood = #3 Better Cogsworth

i have done the toon shading i dont like it very much but oh well. um i am working on the backgeound the scene now i wish i could show you but blender just crashed and i have to restart it again.

but here is an update…

Wow, thats a very good likeness of him, good stuff!!! :wink:

Now you just need Lamar (i think), the candlestick guy, and some armatures and your all set!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

well here is an update… this is more of the background then on him…

I think why the colour doesn’t look like in the movie, is because it still has lightning. In disney movies, lightning on characters isn’t used a lot, and when it is, there’s less dark/light-difference between a shadow and enlightend part. In your case the front is too light and the side is too dark.
Work on that and it’ll look great!

  • Bentagon

Just as a note…this model isn’t in fact, toon shaded. Its just got black outlines around it. If it were toon shaded the texture information would be gone and all that would represent the depth of cogsworth would be shades of color.

Also, disney does use lighting on their characters…otherwise the screen would be blank all of the time. But if you mean that he’s lit too brightly, thats another situation entirely.

well here is a update … well it that is not toon shading i am juzt going to have to figure it out…ok sorry for labeling it wrong…

this is just the back ground i havent worked on the lighting or any thing like that. so just give it time. i am only about 30 to 35% done with the modelling of the background…

tell me what you think…

I like the columns and the arches quite a bit. I’d light up the ceiling a little so we can see what you’ve done there. Also, your marble texture has come out really well, but the wood on the arches needs to be worked on a little. You’re doing a great job with it though, and I think with some more blood sweat and tears this’ll be a pretty convincing replica.

well thanx Desoto-111. i am not done with the texturing and i have got 2 updates. for you all and here they are… tell me what you think it is the same update but 2 views.

i have gotten about 45% of this one hall way done. and the file is reaching about almost 15 megs i have been using the movies as a reference. just if any one is wondering this is the hall outside Bells room in the castle…

15 megs? Anyone else thing that seems a bit big?

Wow that is looking nice. I can’t imagine working on a 15 meg blend though,…maybe you could reduce some of those polys with the decimator.

there is more to the file than what i have shown you i am not ready for the world to see it yet. so that is why it is so big. but oh well…

well here is a small update i have played with the textures for the wood rafters still not perfect yet but i will get it soon i hope. i have played with the texture on the floor gave it a envmap but i need to work on it some more.i have textured the ceiling. i have added a couple of thing into the scene nothing much just some fluer de lis on the doors and some gold peices of molding to seperate the blue panels on the walls just a little. i am exhausted and have a migrane and i am going to bed now this is the last update for the night. so tell me what you think still no shadows yet sorry maybe tomarrow. well here it is another update like i said not much but it is enough…

well good night…

well here is an up date i changed the camera veiw alittle and i have added some shadows i dont know if they are good yet but i just added them and you tell me what you think

depends on the final style you are aiming at…
but for cartoon it’s quite good.

if you want little more depth, try tweaking the light. it needs shadows, and highlights. it’s a bit flat. but as I said, flat can be a style too.

and more variation on wood texture.


Nice modeling, but the lighting can be done better. I suggest to replace all lamps with spots to get shadows. even better: set up some area lights (dupliverted spots on a plane).

Well, it kinda depends on whether you want it cartoony or not. I would aim for realism, because of the precise modeling.

here is an update.

i am not going to animate it because it was for my lil sister and she dont give a shit about it so f**k it i will model something that i will like.

here is an update