Coiling a coil about a coil - need help info


I am looking as to how you can “coil a coil”, that is to get a existing coil and twist it into a coil. sorta like this but more spread out.

The original coil is a double stranded coil, just learned to make coils with the screw function. Now I need to get it twisted into a coil itself, I did my head in a lot and am hoping someone on hear will know a technique or two to make what I need.

Use the screw tool to make a short segment. Then add an array and a curve modifier. See attached .blend.


Coiled-coil-001.blend (82 KB)

I couldn’t keep myself from adding a spiral to this. There are still problems with curves in Blender. So here I’ve rotated the curve 45 degrees in order to avoid these problems. You can apply the curve modifier and rotate the resulting mesh back.


Coiled-coil-002.blend (87.6 KB)

@ mat

i like this way with array for cable tiwisted or double twisted

this should be included in wiki
cause it’s been asked several times over the past year

i’d like to write up somerhing about cable wire including twisting
doing telephone wire or other type of electrical wire with some twisting
may be some hose ect…

are you planning to write uop something for wiki or a tut about the different ways of doings theses cables or wire and twisting?

happy blendering

Thanks for help and blender files.

noob questions:

How did you make the spiral with the curves, am still having problems with curves and inderstanding them. Like why some points have arms and other don’t.

The rotation thing is new as otherwise like you say blender has a problem and completly screws it up.

Could you write a wiki or tutorial up? would help a lot.

you can make a spiral with the Screw tool or also witht the array tool
check out the wiki pages for theses tools
and there are examples for this

there is also a script in wiki to do all sort of spirals things that you can use

but theses are usually Curve or nurbs curve so yoo need to convert first to mesh data

hope it helps

I’m sketching on a tutorial on the wiki. It’s still in the making, but please have a look at
and drop your feedback here. (The approach in the tutorial is slightly different than in the .blend files I’ve added to this thread.)

beginning to look good!

here are some suggestions

later on add a link + pic may be to the array page to this small tut
so people know where to find it fast

also i know that noobie like to have a sample file and it makes life so much easier!

where you can look at all the settings and see it in blender as a 3D model

Now there is the name thing

should include reference like wire twisted or telephone wire
or twisted coiled wire so when people search you can find it easily
but not certain how this can be done in wiki pages !

also up to now i think your using 2 arrays to produce it
but for instance you can also use only one array with curve modif to get a twisted
or coil like armored cable

i got a sample file from another thread i can bring it up if you want to see it
but this cannot do Double coiled cable!

now in any case i want to prepare my own tut for all kind of wires armored cables
or Teck cables like we have here use in electrical or electronic installation

and if possible with some hanging wire ( see wiki for script )
but that may take a while to complete see pic down below here
this is only a beginning

i’l try to test the procedures you did in link given earlier
and see if it works well some times this week!

2 pic

show the Teck armored cables use in North America
i began doing something but not really happy about the look
it can be better but have to work some more it !


happy blendering