Coin Heaven

(Image compressed at 80% quality to suit the 2MB file size limit of this site, I have a lossless version also without text)
Render speed: 6 to 9 Render tiles (16 x 16) per second, of 8160 rendertiles on a 1920 x 1080 render.
Render quality: 512 samples, no clamp.
Render engine: Cycles Render.

1GB ATI Radeon HD 5670, overclocked. OpenCL not supported due to OS.
AMD Athlon™ X2 215.
2.71 GHz, 2 GB RAM.

Windows XP Professional(SP3).

Feedback and constructive criticism is highly appreciated.

Some quick comments from me:
-good start
-when it is called coin heaven there really should be coins, ie sharper edges and a texture of the stamp/edge etc
-the coin on the table, lies a bit in the table

  • image blur is fine but the thing in the lower left corner is bit unclear what it is /adds to the image. It light is burned out and distracts
  • the light square in the background is too bright
    -maybe at a bit of motion blur to make the coins fall instead of floating in the air
    Keep up the good work!!

Thank you for the feedback. I will do better next time

The object at the lower left corner was something I made accidentally while trying to model a golden ingot. It is supposed to have the shape of a bus or a spaceship, and I added it because I trough the error was hilarious.