coin help

can somebody tell me how can i create the reeded edge side of a coin


Create a circle with a lot of vertices, like 96 or more.

Then select every other one and scale them in a bit. Then extrude the circle and you will have a coin with ridged edges like in the pic.

You might want to try it with a low vertices count until you observe the effect. Then make a detailed final.

another way would be to model each ridge and then apply a spin with qty of ridges required

like if you decide on 64 ridges then add i circle with 64 segment and then draw another object to make on ridge and place it on the other circle

should be easy to do with the spin tool

one thing to make it easier not only do you add a small ridge but also add an inside circle so you that have to manually do it afterward - easier then do it after
then simply remove doubles this should give an object with minimum vertices!

hope it helps