Coincident Plane and Freestyle Line Edge modelling with Blender.

To whom it may concern,

I have had an ongoing issue with co-interior planes when modelling with Blender 3D.

My animation mode interpolating model has a bunch of places that need to coincide
at particular levels at certain times. Each of these planes needs a black border,
so I have been attempting to use Freestyle Line edges, but only with limited success.

What I think I need is a way to move planes to layers in such a way that I may include these layers,
but in a way that they may be prioritised, to facilitate some virtualised stacking.

The nature of my model will make things clearer. What I have done is disabled
z-fighting by handing round the variable name of one Material object instance.
I am trying to use coincident planes to model paper folding, but via a way
in which there is zero thickness to the planes.

Obviously I need this in a working layers system that does not have a maximum of 20 layers,
but in fact does not have any layers limit.

I wanted to raise attention to my problem again here, since I have wondered if there
is anything upcoming in Blender release 2.8 that could help me.

My issue is already posted on these forums, at

What can Blender3D yet do to help me here?